I’m a french-fries-loving, time-optimistic and eco-friendly poster maker and freelance illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark,” is what Michelle would say if whe was to describe herself in one sentence. 

27-year-old Michelle founded her company, Michelle Carlslund Illustration, six years ago while she was still studying graphic design. In 2013 she started to work full time as a poster maker and freelance illustrator, and now her eco-friendly posters, frames, cards, notebooks and totebags can be bought in over two hundred design shops around the world.

Michelle sees herself as a morph of a kid and a grown-up, and her aim is to bring out some playfulness in us grown-ups leading our busy lives with jobs, responsibility and stress. 

Michelle’s illustrative universe is inhabited by strong men, eclectic cityscapes, lush forests, playful puns, cheeky tigers and honey-loving bears. She wants to create works that are playful, warm and nostalgic. 

“Sometimes I think it is enough for an illustration to be pretty to look at, but more often I like to have an edge to it. Or something a bit strange or odd. A feeling or a detail that makes you think again and perhaps imagine how the situation in the illustration ended up like it did.”

For example, Michelle often draws only four fingers to people in her illustrations. By doing that she wants to point out that it’s a world different from the real one with no rules. “And just because I can!”


Our business address is:

Michelle Carlslund Illustration, Østre Allé 40, 3250 Gilleleje, Denmark / Corp. reg. (CVR) 33909985

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All of Michelle’s posters is printed on a sustainable stone paper. Stone paper is made of limestone and oil-based non-toxic binder called HDPE. The production of stone paper releases half as much carbon dioxide as conventional paper. Stone paper is cradle-to-cradle certified, and under the right conditions it will start to decompose. Not on your wall of course!

Our totebags are made from organic and fairtrade cotton the wood we use for our frames are FSC certified. Michelle says: 

“I think there is enough stuff in the world already. If I am going to add more, the least I can do is to make it as sustainable as possible. It is tough, though. Being green is crazy expensive. But I have managed so far and will continue to do so as much as I possibly can.”



Michelle is always busy doing something new, also commissioned works. This year she has, for example, designed mini poster collections for French mag émoi émoi. Lately she’s been working on creating a character for a new mall in a Copenhagen suburb. 

No matter what the project, Michelle follows her motto: “One of my bestselling posters has the text ‘Don’t forget to kiss’. That is more of a life motto. It is a reminder to have fun and not to take everything – including myself – too seriously.”


In the studio

In 2015 Libratone visited the studio and asked Michelle a few questions. They filmed it and made a little video interview. 

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