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SNAK – a conversation game for kids


I promise that this well-designed kids game will bring you good times with lots of sweet stories and opportunities to have fun and be present with each other.


SNAK means “talk” in Danish and we believe that some of the most important skills we develop at a young age are the ability to be present and to listen with empathy. We know that kids are very inquisitive by nature and with ”SNAK – a conversation game for kids” they will get to use their curiosity to listen, ask and talk to each other. The game is a fun training ground for kids to rehearse good and open dialogs with each other and/or the grown-ups around them in a safe and pleasant environment.


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HOW IS IT PLAYED? The game is being played with the same rules as the card game “GO FISH” where you must collect sets by asking each other for cards. It looks like a regular card game but when one of the players get a full set, he or she has also has four pictures which express four words written on the cards. The player must now tell a story from their life by using one or more words from the card. If the child finds it hard to come up with a story a grown-up can help by asking questions related to the theme on the cards.



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